The fog was extremely dense…then the car died….

The fog was beginning to roll in as the five women were driving home down an isolated country road. They did not seem to mind or even really notice until they passed over a slight rise and drove down into what was now extremely dense fog. Their visibility suddenly dropped to less than 20 feet. They could barely see the highway in front of them.

As the driver began to slow the car, the engine began to make some very strange noises, and the car shuttered and shook. The engine sputtered then suddenly stopped running. The driver managed to safely coast the car to the side of the road. She then tried starting the car, over and over again until the battery completely gave out, it was now dead…

The five women got out of the car, one kicked the tires, it worked in the movies, but the car remained lifeless and still.

Raising the hood, they did not have a clue what they were looking at, so one of the women began to poke at it with a stick, hoping, in some magical way, it would help

So there they were, now well after midnight, alone an isolated, and not a car in sight. Since this happened long before, 20 years, cell phones were invented they had no way to contact someone for help…or did they? The nearest town was about 20 miles away; too far to walk…there they sat perplexed as to what they should do.

Their isolation and the eeriness of the fog overshadowed the excitement of the church convention they had attended earlier that day.  They knew no one from the conference would be traveling that same road.  

One of the women suggested they pray and ask for Divine help…the other four women thought it was a great idea…so they did.

They had no sooner finished when a car drove up, seemingly from nowhere, and parked behind their car. A well dress young man got out and asked if he could be of assistance. The three women were very grateful for his appearing and offer to help. They began to explain what had happened and how they found themselves stranded.

Walking over to the car he lifted the hood. It only took him a couple of moments before he found the problem, the distributor wire, slightly beaten and mangled, had come loose. This prevented the spark from reaching the engine. He quickly reattached the wire. Then he asked the driver to try again to start the car…turning the key and pressing on the starter button the engine came to life (even though the battery had been completely dead just moments before).

They thanked the young man profusely for helping them in a desperate time of need. They mentioned that after struggling for over an hour as to what they should do they decided to pray about the situation. They mentioned how strange it was that he suddenly arrived moments later…

He smiled at the women, and then with an intense look on his face asked…why did you wait so long before asking God for help? He then got in his car and disappeared into the foggy night.

The women were astonished by his question, and talked about it all the way home.

Sometimes we find ourselves in difficult and seemingly impossible situations…perhaps we also wait too long to ask God for help…He is always there eagerly waiting…He should not be our last resort, He should be the first one we turn to when faced with a situation beyond our ability to solve.

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